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It was a German poet, who was also a doctor and scientist, that explained the disease called botulism. Dr. Justinus Kerner of Wurttemberg, published the first studies about the disease from 1817 to 1822. Dr. Kerner, a representative of the romantic German poetic movement, had his poems turned into music by Schumann. But in his first studies of the botulism, Dr. Kerner already imagined that the toxin that caused such a serious disease, could be used to treat diseases like muscular spasms. That great poet, great doctor, excellent scientist, and amazing human being, always stood out in all of the areas he was involved. But the medical poet could not glimpse that this toxin would one day be used to treat people's appearance and to make them happier.


Dr. Justinus Kerner

In 1978, the toxin was applied in humans as treatment by Scott, and surprisingly, it was so safe that it would be used in many other medical indications, besides the aesthetics field. Jean Carrhuters worked with Scott applying the toxin for strabismus treatment. A strabismus patient treated by Carrhuters told him her wrinkles got a lot better after the toxin was applied. Along with her husband, Jean Carrhuters started to use the toxin for cosmetic proposes; it was the beginning of a revolution that we have observed in the treatment of the wrinkles and of the aging of the facial skin .
In a Botulism B epidemia in Switzerland, it was observed that the Botulinum Toxin, besides the blocking action in the striated musculature, it also blocked the neuro transmission of the autonomous nervous system. There were patients with Botulism that presented sweating suppression that lasted up to 2 years .
The first report of sweating suppression using the pharmacological Botulinum Toxin was made in a study in 1995. At that time, a volunteer doctor injected in himself 1 unit of Botulinum Toxin in the subcutaneous of the forearm. As a result, the sweating of this region was decreased.
Then, in Europe, there were studies to block the sweating in volunteers without Hyperhidrosis, and finally, in patients with axillary Hyperhidrosis. Therefore, later in the USA, the toxin was applied in Hyperhidrosis of the hands.
Naturale Clinic’s head, Miguel Francischelli Neto MD PhD, presented the first scientific work in Brazil about the use of the Botulinum Toxin to control the Hyperhidrosis. This scientific work was the fourth in the world. Many other works , BY Prof. Francischelli, followed this one.
The use of toxins are part of the history of the medicine. It was the same with the penicillin produced by a mushroom, and with the captopril, a drug that is widely used for hypertension derived from the “jararaca” snake poison. Many other toxins resulting from natural substances have been used as well. The doses used for the treatment of the wrinkles are around 30 times inferior to the ones that would cause larger complications or diseases. This makes all the procedure very safe. The doctor, poet and scientist Kerner, would be satisfied if he saw such dangerous toxin being tamed and used for the happiness and the improvement of the people's quality of life



Hyperhidrosis and Botulinum Toxin

Firsts Research

Jenzer 1975
Descreveu alterações do SNA em pacientes com botulismo B que apresentavam supressão de sudorese.
Cheschire 1996
Auto injeção no antebraço com supressão de sudorese.
Buschara 1996
Supressão de sudorese  axilar em voluntários sadios.
Schneider 1996
Supressão de sudorese palmar  em voluntários sadios.
Schneider 1997
11 pacientes com Hiper-hidrose axilar e palmar . Aplicação no subcutâneo.
Naummann 1997
1 caso de Hiper-hidrose palmar.
Shelley 1998
4 casos de Hiper-hidrose palmar,  aplicação intradérmica . Supressão de 4 a 12 meses.
Francischelli 1999
2 casos palmares e 1 axilar : Aplicação intradermica- 70 à  100 U

XXXIII Congresso Brasileiro da  SBACV-  BH

Karanfilov 2000
24 casos axilares :400 U -  4 casos retorno em 7  à  10 meses. Outros 20 sem Hiper-hidrose em 15 meses.

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