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Heavy jobs, exercises, the sun or hot weather; there are a lot of factors that can cause increased sweating. The emotions can also generate sweating. And this sweating is a normal condition that causes loss of fluid by the body and maintains the corporal temperature stabilized.
There are 2 types of glands in the skin, the apocrines and the eccrines. The sweat glands apocrines play a smaller role in the thermoregulation (regulation of the corporal temperature); they are associated to the hair follicle and they are not involved in the process of Hyperhidrosis.

The increased secretion of the glands eccrines is what causes the observed alterations. The glands eccrines are more concentrated in the armpits, palms and plants and have an important role in the thermoregulation. The excess of secretion of these glands is the cause of Hyperhidrosis. There are from 2 to 5 million glands eccrines distributed in the whole body.

There are 2 types of Hyperhidrosis: the Primary and the Secondary.
Primary Hyperhidrosis does not have an specific known cause, but it is attributed to genetic factors. People are born with the tendency to have Hyperhidrosis. It can be manifested in the first years of life or in any subsequent phase, which in fact is the most commom.
Secondary Hyperhidrosis, is associated to a cause. The most frequent ones are obesity, menopause, the use of antidepressive drugs, endocrine and neurological alterations casing the nervous system to malfunction.

Neurological and psychiatric medicines can unchain Hyperhidrosis. Morphine and excess of the thyroid hormones also cause hyperhidrosis. Aspirin or acetominofen overdoses can cause sweating. The lack of feminine hormones in the menopause can lead to sweatings, and that is something that also happens to men with testosterone deficit, although it is not very commom. The hypoglycemia (low rate of sugar in the blood) can provoke sweating.
Sweating excess can happen when the fever, resulting from an infection, is decreasing after the use of anti-thermal medicines. The hyperthyroidism, a disease of the thyroid gland, is one of the causes of Secondary Hyperhidrosis. Several infections, as tuberculosis, malaria and others, can as well cause profuse sweating.
A sweating increase can happen in commom daily situations; that does not necessarily mean the person developed a Hyperhidrosis condition. We can experience sweating increase when having some substances in foods or beverages, among them, caffeine, alcohol or even spicy foods . It is also completely normal to experience sweating increase with exercises, hot climate and situations of emotional tension.

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